Product Care & Warranties

Crystal and Base Care

  • To keep your crystals sparkling, brush off dust, sand and debris with a dry toothbrush or a dry lint free cloth.
  • Due to the delicate nature of the crystal and its backing, do not wear your sandals in water and take due care not to get the crystals wet.
  • The backing of the Swarovski Crystals is lined with a foil to make the crystals more reflective. If the foil or crystal gets wet and is not dried in a reasonable amount of time, the water can cause the foil to corrode, rust or change the crystal color and adhesiveness.
  • The visual result of crystal water damage is a dark, cloudy crystal that will eventually separate from the foil leaving you with a foil dot on the strap where the crystal used to be.

Cleaning Base

  • It is recommended that a Magic Eraser type product be used to gently clean the dirt off the soles.

Crystal Replacement

  • With your purchase you have also received 6 additional loose crystals to be used for any lost or damaged crystals.

Replacement Crystal Gluing Instructions

  • To replace a missing crystal, please clean area of any debris. Place a very small amount (size of a fine pen tip) of Krazy Glue Ultra Gel at the centre point of where you will be attaching the replacement crystal.
  • With tweezers, gently place the crystal on centre of glue dot on strap and press and hold for 20 seconds to secure. To set the glue and crystal it is highly recommended that you leave the sandal to set for 1 day.
  • Caution note and application tips: ┬áKeep glue tube pointed away from your eyes and do not squeeze the tube with too much pressure. The glue does come out quickly, so please proceed with caution. If too much glue is used and is seeping up the sides of the crystal, this will discolour the crystal and cause it to separate from the foil backing leaving you without a crystal again.